The most unique thing I did for a PEP event was: There have been too many unique situations but one that stands out is when the event was about to begin–ten minutes to doors (isn’t this when everything happens?) I started my last-minute check on all the vendors. It was a big Animal Theme Party. We had several animals at this party used as education as well collecting donations for animal organizations.The adorable baby white tiger cubs that we flew in from Florida had just done their “business” on the AstroTurf in the Welcome Tent. The odor of their business was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. For some event planner miracle, I luckily had several bottles of Febreze in my car. Deodorizing the tent was a unique experience. The clients walked in right after I literally Febrezed the crappy smell away from my event. The show went on and nobody ever knew!

My favorite thing to do on my PEP events is: Watch the face of the guests as they walk in to the room where we have created magic.It’s written on their faces when their jaw drops and smiles start. It warms my heart.