Over the last four decades in the special event arena we have created a substantial mark on this industry by building a solid foundation of how a client acts/reacts/interacts with us. We wanted to share the PEP Difference ideology and how we break down the event process with our clients.

Step 1:


PEP has a diverse portfolio of clientele, including corporate, non-profit, social, DMC and association markets. We have a large sales and design team with a wide array of talents and experience. Your event needs will be paired with a sales team member that is specifically chosen based on your needs, style, and market so that we best match our talents to yours. With initial contact we ask the right questions of client goals so that we can begin to build the right event at the right price for you. We value partnership and engagement with our clients.

Step 2:


We believe in listening to our clients needs and allowing the creative process to be collaborative, if the client wants to participate, or a creative exploration completely designed and developed by the PEP team. Understanding what it is that the client is trying to accomplish is critical in the overall outcome of the design proposal process. Our sales and design team can take one small idea, or a large compilation of ideas, and design with our inventory and fabrication possibilities the event aesthetic. Behind our sales teams PEP has a vast array of experiential trendsetters in our various departments and divisions to support the creative process.

Step 3:


PEP provides multi-layered support teams to execute an event. That’s part of the PEP difference – we provide targeted and specialized event managers to each event once the design has been solidified with the sales team. These specialists focus on the logistics and execution of your event. We ask the right questions to the right people to ensure that a successful event will happen. We think through every possible scenario/outcome of the event prior to going on job site, along with a strong knowledge of each venue and its unique challenges, so that everyone has a very clear trajectory of what to do within the event parameters. We don’t want surprises on job site! Your event manager is in contact with you from contract signature onwards to coordinate and tighten up all logistical details and will be present on site during set up to ensure all PEP teams and product installs are managed, coordinated, and directed. We are not a “delivery” service – we are hands on and involved, and this part of our process and team. It’s the PEP Difference.

Step 4:


Quality preplanning makes for a successful set up. We understand that philosophy and strive to be extremely precise in our planning process so that we efficiently create a memorable event. We strive for excellence and focus on the finishing touches and details. Quality product and service is a pillar of our company.

We are happy when the client is happy, period. It’s a simple as that.

Step 5:


All of these steps lead to long-term partnerships with so many of our clients over the past three decades. Although our events are in the here-and-now, we want to build a solid relationship with you that grows into the future. Events are complicated, and when we are a team with you, then we are building future successes today. We produce spectacular events and have exciting inventory, but a large part of the PEP Difference is that we want to do it in an enjoyable and fun manner. Relationships make the difference and we value having the longevity with so many of our clients. And while we are San Diego based, we go where you go!



We are a unified team who loves to win! We rally together around the common goal of pursuing greatness.

Always improve.

We strive for today to outshine yesterday and for tomorrow to outshine today. We're agile, continuously evolving, and focused on the future.

Create magic.

We're creative and passionate trend-setters who breathe life into the ordinary. We produce exceptional experiences every time and without exception.

Own it.

We're proactive decision-makers who solve problems with positivity. We feel pride in all we do and stop at nothing to deliver.


We hold ourselves and one another to impeccable standards. We know our purpose. We know our passion. We know what we're here to do.